Share Interview Experience

Share Interview Experience

Hello friend’s, Share your Placement interview experience with us and help your junior students. We will also publish your interview on our platform. It will get published after your interview approval from our team. We have seen students get fear while placement interviews. The community relies on everyone sharing. We would appreciate if you could spare a few minutes to share your placement procedure on our platform.

checkout sample Interview Article:

Adobe Job Process – Software Engineer Member of Technical Staff – Rahul Gandhi

  • {Company Name} Job Process – {Job Designation} – {Your Full Name}
  • We will not share it with anyone. This information is use for PayTm Payment.
  • Eg : Science Stream Or IT Course
  • Short listing procedure, GDs, Interviews, Questions, etc.
  • We will not publish or share this box information with anyone.
  • Less than 5MB, Allowed file: jpeg, png

Set of Rules:

If you are submitting the information then you automatically Agree to our Terms & Conditions as given below.

  1. We can edit or delete part of your given information (to make it human readable if required. As we are human and can make mistakes).
  2. We have all right to Publish or remove interview completely from our site by notify you or not its our decision.
  3. We have rights to change the rules for this process from set of rules.

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