Questions for Hiring the Best Testing Candidate

Questions for Hiring the Best Testing Candidate

What is the credibility of a student’s score if the exam paper was leaked a night before? Certainly, zero. The questions you are going to ask your interviewee today, he had already mugged them from the internet last night. In the field of testing, theoretical knowledge is an integral part of the job. However, ignoring the conceptual and personality attributes of the candidate may lead to the wrong hiring decision. In this article, we are trying to identify key skills and relevant questions to get the optimal candidate for the testing/QA profile.


  1. Passion and Curiosity
    Every profile has its specific requirements however there are few qualities that are required in each field. Passion for work and curiosity to gather something new is a must. If you have two candidates one with high theoretical knowledge but less passion while the other one with medium knowledge and high zeal, always go with the latter. You can ask the following questions to test a candidate zeal towards this field.

  • Why testing and not anything else? (Don’t forget to catch the spark in candidate’s eyes and voice.)

  • As you go up the hierarchy, testing work will be reduced, and management work will increase? Seeing you are so passionate about your work; will you reject a promotional offer?


  1. Art of creating timetable
    Most companies have multiple projects floating at one time. Maximum times than not, a tester/QA is given multiple projects/files at once. Not able to prioritize work can lead to a significant decrease in quality, halts in one or more projects/file, and some missing zeroes in SOW. You can ask the following question to test the prioritizing/time management skill of a candidate.

  • Your best friend is graduating on 10th Dec and he wants you to be there as his parents are not with him, and on the same day, you have your cousin’s marriage. What will you do? What will be your decision based on?


  1. Error 404: not reported to the manager
    Reporting a bug is the fundamental task of any QA engineer/tester. The following question is to test the efficiency of the candidate in describing/reporting a bug.

  • You found a bug in the iOS application based on the scoring system. Because of algorithm disturbance, scores are showing inconsistency. Explain how you will report this bug to your lead?

  1. Is there an Einstein somewhere?
    You don’t want to miss out the quality of generating new ideas for testing in your hired candidate, especially when you are assuring quality for one of the most creative fields – software development. You might want to keep the following questions in your list.

  • You are stuck in a building, which is on fire. What will you do?

  • How will you test a pencil?

  1. More than that’s meet the eye
    Analytical skill is the foremost skill in any tester. Eye for error – understanding the concept, author, pattern and then spotting the bugs. Best way to do that is to present them with a scenario-based question like

  • As a product development company, you are consistently getting complaints regarding a raw material. What will you do?

The moral of the story is adding few subjective or scenario-based questions with theoretical questions will let you take optimal hiring decisions. HRs, we would definitely like to hear if these few questions were able to add good fellow in your company.

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