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The Alliance was created keeping in mind the end goal – to become a global leader in terms of Synergies. The Alliance owes its success to its longest-lasting and most productive cross-cultural partnership in the auto industry, and to developing the latest advanced technologies. The Alliance plans to offer autonomous drive, connectivity features and services on a wide range of affordable vehicles. In India, the alliance exists in the form of 5 fully functional business entities- the manufacturing wing -RNAIPL (Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd, Chennai), the R&D center, RNTBCI (Renault Nissan Technology & Business Center India, Chennai), two commercial entities of RIPL (Renault India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Gurgaon & Mumbai) and NMIPL (Nissan Motors India Pvt Ltd, Chennai, Gurgaon) and a finance wing of NRFSI (Nissan Renault Financial Services India, Chennai & Gurgaon)

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CTC: Not Disclosed
Job Position: Specialist Metier Diagnostics
Required Experience: 6 years
Job Responsibility:

SMD is an upstream actor who is responsible for designing Plant and Aftersales diagnostic requirements along with the ECU Designers to ensure the EE systems are compatible. Responsible to share opinion during upstream phase to ensure the smooth progress for Diagnostic developments during Industrialisation and after MA.


1. Defining the Diagnostics requirement (both plant and aftersales) in RFQ of the system to Supplier

  • Understanding the system knowledge with help of documents from EE architecture, PFS, AEES, LIS, PDE(for Vehicle systems ) and PSV, PFE Log(for PWT). Optimizing and defining the Diagnostic resource in RFQ package by a discussion with PDE for vehicle and LIS for components other than ECU

2. SFT to Aftersales and Plant conceptors
USD to Aftersales conceptors

  • Studying and creating the System Failure table and Unified System Diagnosis based the below documents
  • DAS from AEES, STR Comp from LIS, FMEA documents from respective team.
  • Diagnosis resources, AMPD discussion to freeze the system contributor, DTC range list, SFA from EE Architect team,  DED/DFS/DDT/DC from PDE

3. FOD to Plant PFD VEP

  • Studying Plant facility and prepare the VEP Process for Each System
  • Studying the ECU configuration requirement based on the
  • Diagnostic requirement did during upstream
  • Creating the FOD to optimize all the ECU diagnostic operation within the required cycle time
Required Skills:
  • Bachelors in Electrical/Electronics Engineering
  • Relevant Experience 5 years
  • 6 years of experience in Diagnostics of Electrical /Electronics in the automobile industry

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