Functional Validation – Lead Engineer

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Delhi, Delhi
₹5,00,000 – ₹15,00,000 a year
4+ years experience
We are looking for a candidate with these specific personal characteristic and qualifications4 years of experience in validating IPs/SOC of multimillion Gate and complex design with multiple clocks and power domainsTest plan and test code development to address functional and integration requirements of the IP/SOC.Experience and working knowledge of verilog and C/C is must.Expertise of using compiler and debugging tools like CodeWarrior, GHS, LauterbachGood Software Architecture knowledge.Working knowledge of Palladium and FPGA platformMultilayer Board design, testing, integration capabilitiesExpertise of High Speed Industry protocol Validation like USB, SATA, ETHERNET, DDRExperience in microcontroller architecture, Cache, protocols like AHB/AMBA, AXI, Memory (Flash, SRAM, DDR) and memory controllersKnowledge of Multimedia applications, embedded programmingExpertise in using test equipments used in validation (Logic Analyzers, High Speed Oscilloscope, Protocol Analyzers, Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer)Experience in working on ColdFire, PowerPC, ARM core architectures would be an advantage.


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