From a novice to the experienced, everyone shares the fear of an interview. Tapping shoes, cluttering teeth, shivering fingers are common sites in an interview room. In this article, we will be providing easy-peasy tips to testers for swiftly sailing through their interviews.


You are not Jon Snow so you must know!

For maximum profiles, having a bit less information and a lot of confidence and enthusiasm can easily get you through an interview. However, Profile of testing is different. Here, the foremost trait checked by the interviewer is your theoretical knowledge. You must be an A1 student in your field. Well, you need not to worry about that. Just google testing interview and questions, and you will find thousands of website where you will find a good list of questions and answers.


Pre-interview task checklist

You will only be able to perform well in your interview tomorrow if you are getting yourself prepared by night. The first thing you should do is go through the job description and the company’s profile. Make sure you know why you are there. There are a few questions which you should be prepared before you enter the interview room.

  1. Why you are in this interview?

  2. Why this profile and what are your future plans?

  3. Why this company?

These are the questions that you will face in every interview regardless of the experience and profile, and for answering these questions, you should be thorough with the job description and company’s profile. Apart from technical questions, most of the conceptual and subjective question will be altogether from job description provided to you.


Please introduce yourself

96% of interviewer opens the interview with this question, “Please tell me something about yourself?” Keep your introduction short and informative. One of the biggest mistake interviewees do is that they forget to start their introduction with their name. Your introduction includes your name, age, location, education, professional experience, internships, and hobbies. You may also like to include your family details but try not to indulge about that a lot. Your introduction gives you the advantage to turn the interview in your direction. In your introduction, focus on your strong areas. Maximum time than not, an interviewer will ask further questions on those domains.


Whatever you say, say it with confidence

After your subject, JD, and introduction is in confidence, it’s time for you to get into confidence. Most of you would have heard the phrase – even in beggars clothes, everyone knew she was the queen. Interviews are all about marketing yourself. If 50% of an interview is about your qualification and knowledge, the other 50% is about your confidence, attitude, and presentation. For any question, if you are not sure, take time, frame your answer and then reply. Don’t hurry up and mess up! Remember there are no retakes in an interview. Don’t bad mouth about your previous company or manager, it goes against the right corporate attitude. Your body language also adds to your personality and confidence. Don’t lean and keep your body open. Don’t keep your body rigid and use hands while you talk or explain. Greet, smile, and try to radiate a positive aura.


With these easy-peasy steps, you can clear any testing interview. We would like to hear about your interview stories and if this article actually helped you in our comments section.




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